2016 World Series Of Poker

For the poker fans the 2016 World Series of Poker Circuit is coming up and it is worth waiting for.

The event will start from 27th October. The event, known in short as WSOP, will be held at Rozvadov which is the King’s casino. This venue has hosted the event before. There would be fourteen ring events and cash will be won non-stop at this event.

Most fans have been busy watching the Big One for One Drop Extravaganza. As the final event got concluded this weekend there is a setup being readied for the next event in Europe. It promises to be another big event in poker in Europe this year. Of course, most people love the iconic poker event that is held at Monte Carlo every year in Monaco. The event will be held at Rozvadov in Czech Republic from October 27th. It becomes a hot spot in the world for poker fans when the World Series of Poker Circuit is planned. This place has the largest room for card games and hence, having the event here makes sense.
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Committee passes New York online poker bill

downloadNew York state cleared an online poker bill following committee  hearing for the very first time since the subject of iGaming regulation  was brought in the scene in the year 2013. The bills have been brought  in recent years to mold online poker in the state. But this is for the very  first time that any such Bills have been introduced in recent years to mold online poker in the state, but this is the first time any such lawmaking has advanced past its basic introduction. The bill, S5302B, did not spend a lot of time being looked at in Tuesday’s committee that for a short period of time touched on many bills as well as reported them out of committee. The whole hearing just lasted 4 minutes.

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Poker Master Antoine Saout Is Here For Guiding You, Just Have A Look On His Success

Excited for WSOP!! Yes, just have a look on the schedule and you will come to know that top most poker player of the word are coming to inaugurate the World Series on 27th May this year.

This championship is being held in all the hotels of Las Vegas.  All casinos are waiting the top poker players.  Obviously Antoine Saout will be coming to share its experience and expertise in this game.  The most passionate gambling game will now be available with effect from 27 May 2014.  All the hotels and casinos of Las Vegas will hold the same.  The festival of poker game will entertain you till 14 July 2015.   Antoine Saout is a single player in the world who is born out of America and earned a lot of fame by his dedicated focus on this game.

Yes, this young French player is a source of inspiration for all the new comers of the game in Las Vegas in coming championship.  Starting since 27th May 2015, a huge amount of $200 million is going to be betted.  Such a large investment needs you attention and moral support.  Welcome you the entire new poker player.  Come and get the close/live inspiration from world’s reputed players.  The gaming approach of Antoine Saout will attract you a lot and you will want to become like him.    Read more »

Bwin.Party may be acquired by 888 Holdings As It Has Already Filed A Proposal With The Intent

Inside Gaming this week has reported that the 888   Holdings is now in line to acquire the Bwin.Party as it is showing similar interest like others. This has emphasized how the federal legislation to ban online gambling could adversely affect the thriving mobile sports industry on betting in Nevada.

888 Holdings is the latest one to show the desire to acquire Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment a relevant press release published on Monday by the company confirms that the 888 has already submitted a proposal application with regard to acquire the already issued and yet to be issued share capital belonging to bwin for the consideration of cash and also the 888 shares.

The press release further states that if the acquisition proposal is in order then the company need to get the approval nod of its shareholders and the shareholders of 888 makeup 59% of the entire stock. The shareholders are with the proposal and committed irrevocably but conditions apply before they vote in favor of the prospective deal. There is also the disclaimer that says that the submission of the proposal does not necessarily mean that it would be accepted and completion of any transaction will be carried out. Read more »