Allen Cunningham Poker

Each time I hear or think about poker the first thing that comes into my mind is Allen Cunningham. Poker is all about chance, just like betting where a card family is integrated together with the use of extensive skill and strategy to win. 

Someone loves to play poker, and someone Canadians and plays bitcoin online casinos for Canada, this page should be interesting to all. Because all this is gambling.

But first, who is Allen Cunningham?

Allen CunninghamAllen Cunningham is the most consistent, respected, celebrated and prominence poker player in the history of his time. He is of American origin born in March 28th, 1977 and grew up in Riverside together with his parents and joined high school

After high school, Allen enrolled for a bachelor of science in Civil Engineering. After two years of study, decided that he was not going to let his passion to become a professional poker player slip in thin air. He, therefore, decided to dare, he dropped out of school and joined the world of poker at the age of 18. Of course, this is what it adored most.

Why was this site created?

Site was created for poker fans. Mainly to provide poker game playing tips. This is the main reason why this site was created. Just like I had said earlier, poker is all about chance. But if well integrated with unique techniques and skills, poker will just be like a walk in the park.

The site has made becoming a professional poker is like a cup of tea. Most people have testified that they have witnessed remarkable improvements since they begun using the site's tips compared to how they were before using the site. Some of them have now abandoned their full-time jobs and embraced poker as their main source of income.

The site provides poker fans and poker lovers the techniques, tips and analytics that are to be put into perspective before making the first buy-in. The skills incorporated with discipline can indeed make poker a perfect job.

Allen Cunningham Career

Is Allen Cunningham’s career journey a definition of fortune favors the bold? Not really, Allen career journey dates back when he was of younger age. He used to see his mum and dad play, that is where his passion for poker began. Though he came in the limelight in 1999 when he made a buy-in in the Legends of Poker that was located in the Caesar Palace in Las Vegas. Allen knew he was required to put more efforts.

Firstly, his career journey began in 2005 when ESPN recognized his tremendous and remarkable achievements. He was crowned the title Toyota Player Of The Year during that time. His efforts almost won him the same title in 2006 where he came second. His remarkable efforts never went unnoticed and triggered a professional poker player vote him as the best and an all-around poker player under the age of 35 at that time.

Secondly, as it is always said that hard work pays, hard work and effort indeed paid for Allen when he made he ever first buy-in in the World Poker Series. Cunningham made a buy-in and won a whopping $3 628 513 where he came 4th overall. Indeed it was the largest he had witnessed ever since. His win left his opponents crushing wondering who is Allen Cunningham.

Thirdly, in 2007, he decided to make another buy-in the World Of Poker Series and won again. To just prove who he is. In the same year 2007, Allen made a buy-in worth $15000 Poker After Dark where he won a massive $ 325 000

Lastly, he made another buy-in the 2008 World Of Poker Series where he emerged 117th among the 6844 entrants and earned $41816.

By 2014, it had amassed a cumulative of $11 500 000 where he ranked 7th overall in the all-time money list. By August the same year, Allen had so far won 55 clashes and 5 bracelets which bore him a huge $ 7 097 407 in the World Of Poker Series.

Cunningham Allen Awards

Allen awards showcase efforts that never went unrewarded. And therefore as a result of his efforts, in 2006, The All In Magazine recognized him and rewarded him with the player of the year award.


In conclusion, in order to become like Allen, one has to be dedicated to fulfilling dream goals. His achievements are as a result of a unique skill set and discipline. In contrast with individuals who thought about poker as a game of chance, Cunningham knew there was something hidden in the entire card game.