Allen Cunningham Poker

Allen Cunningham is a professional poker player and he was born on the 28th of March in the year 1977. He was born in Riverside California and like all Californians; he was introduced into the world of poker at a very early age. The state of California is famous for its poker culture. The game is played regularly at social gatherings and families unite over the weekends for a game. It is therefore natural that the state produces some of the best poker players in the world and Allen Cunningham is one of them. He always had a bright academic career and he went to the UCLA or the California of California for his higher education. He studies civil engineering and had a bright career ahead of him but he was keener on pursuing his interest on poker, so alongside his job as an engineer, he took up poker professionally.

Allen Cunningham was always sharp with numbers which is essential for any poker player, it is also a noted fact that most successful poker players have had a very good academic career and is exceptionally good at math since the game requires a bit of mathematical reasoning and a thorough idea about probability. He was lucky to have a very supportive family and his father always encouraged him to play poker. The game has a special place in the hearts of the people of California. His father took him to the local clubs on weekends so that he could see people play poker and get the hang of it. He picked up the game very quickly and soon he was competing against the top players. He also represented his club in many inter-club events and won some prize money also. He turned professional in the year 2006 as the played for the Full Tilt Team.

Allen Cunningham shot to fame by winning some important games and final table finishes in some high stake tournaments. He quickly made a fortune for himself and his confidence started growing rapidly. Soon he became a common sight at most major poker events and championships. He even participated in the World Series of Poker and made it to the final table and finished 4th. Making it to the finals of the World Series is the dream of every aspiring poker player and making a money finish there was a dream come true for this professional poker player.