Andrew Shatilov: A player of talent

Andrew Shatilov is a Russian poker player.

He is a male poker player. He is very popular because of his playing skills. He is very sharp and intelligent poker player. Each game he plays is played with full passion and enthusiasm. He had playing poker as a hobby when he was a youngster. He never thought that this hobby would become his passion and will be his major source of earning income. He has won many achievements and has also earned his name in the poker history.

This player is basically from Russia. He had the hobby of playing poker when he was in the school. He then got a little more interested in playing poker and he started playing the small games and small city level tournaments. He had won the small tournaments and due to his winnings in these tournaments he had that positive spirit helped him to join poker as a profession and as a main source of earning. He has in all 7,532 unique views. He is popular in the game and has successfully achieved good goals in his all tournaments played till the date.

He is not that much satisfied with his performance he wants to achieve more achievements and more titles in life. He has total $1701467 winnings in his entire poker career played till the date. He has played very well and also gives the satisfaction that he will play more good in the coming games.

He has a good rank in the Russian poker tournaments but in the world poker tournaments he could not achieve that good rank but his rankings are not also that bad. In the all Russia all-time money list he ranks at the 61st position which is good rank. He also ranks 649th at the all-time money current list rankings. He ranks 640th at the all-time money list best rankings in the world his global poker rankings are at the 92th position.