Barcelona Tournament Main Event Winner

The recent PokerStars Championship that was organized in Barcelona saw Sebastian Sorensson as the winner of the main event.

This Swedish semi pro player was a surprise win in this tournament, having played low stake games online mostly till now. He is a warehouse worker who is 27 years of age. When he came to sit on the Main Event there were about 1682 entries in the field. He was also playing at a live tournament event for the second time. After playing for a week he emerged victorious and gained the status of being champion of the event. This secured him the top prize as well as the title of a main event win of PSC Barcelona.

As per his own words as stated to the media people, he admits that he felt intimidated when he saw that there were over a thousand participants at the main event. However, as the days progressed and he was able to retain his position at the tables, he was exuberant, realizing that he was now looking at a lucrative career as a professional poker player who does not need to continue working at a warehouse.

The final day saw him being the chip leader among six players. When the last day started he had the second shortest stack of chips, but he was able to build on it in the first half of the day. He did exchange his position with Andre Akkari, a poker pro from Brazil a couple of times, but Akkari finally lost out and that is what left the winning title to Sorensson.

Sorensson scored a total of 2160 points which got him the winning title. It also placed him in 53rd position globally even though he has not had live cash wins before. This was definitely a surprise win for him and others as well.