Biography of Allen Cunningham

Biography of Allen CunninghamAllen Cunningham is an exemplary person who has a lot to be talked about. From a young age, he was able to outsmart his peers in what they did. The Biography of Allen Cunningham has details of a teenager who thrived in the game of poker. Furthermore, his early life is looked into. His accomplishments in the field of poker are to be appreciated. They are one of a kind and show a person who is professional. He has been nicknamed Clever Piggy due to his smartness and wittiness. He shows a lot of expertise when playing. In addition to that, he has won many awards for the great work he does.

Early Life

He was born on the 28th March 1977 in Riverside California. His parents were poker players hence they initiated Allen into the game at an early age. He pursued a course in civil engineering at UCLA. However, he did not complete the course and dropped out. This was in the second year of college. Due to him dropping out, he put all his focus on the game. While other students studied, he became an expert in poker.

At nineteen years he played poker and earned some money. He won about $10 to $20 at each game he played. He saw himself prospering up to the real game in high-end casinos. This was however not the case. His age was a stumbling block since he was only 21. Therefore, he decided to keep on improving his skills to be the best. He certainly did because from there he was able to succeed in the game.


Allen Cunningham’s career picked up well and he sat in tables with Layne Flack, John Juanda, and Daniel Negreanu. He also played poker with Phil Ivey and together they learned tricks from each other. Through sharing, they became the best that no one bets today. His first tournament in 1999 made him win two games. He then earned the title of the best all-around player. This game was not only a stepping stone but also, an achievement. He won his first bracelet this year.

In 2000 Allen also made headlines by coming second place. Although he was the youngest, it did not deter him from getting something. He was able to take home a good amount of $113,850 which encouraged him. He was able to get his first bracelet which led to more of them. As years passed by, 2003 gave him the third place against big names like O’Neil Longson.

Allen CunninghamAnother win came for him in 2005 which boosted his career. Apart from the sum of money, he won the third bracelet. He appeared in four games that were final events. Apart from being in the game, he was facing experts like Can Kim Hua, Scott Fischman, Dave Ulliott and Liz Lieu. They were the best at the time. He won more than one million dollars before the final event. He also got an award of a pick-up truck. As a result of him winning, he got a status of ESPN/ Toyota WSOP player of the year.

In 2006, Allen had the biggest earning from the game he loved the most. The main event gave him a total of $3.6 million. He also won his fourth bracelet. He was the fourth in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Besides the huge earning, the year 2007 brought Allen more winnings. He came first in the game taking home about $500,000. The same year made win two more games placing him ahead of his competitors.

Allen Cunningham has kept a great track record of playing and coming out the best. He has sat among great players and won against them. The total earnings by 2014 amounted to $11.5 million. His career had given him the best people to play with who made him stronger. For someone to get five bracelets worth $7.1 million, it means he is the best of them all.


The biography of Allen Cunningham is one of a kind. First, he dropped out of school and did not become a failure. Secondly, at a young age, he played with experienced people. Third, he won many games and sat with professionals. Finally, he continues to play the game online which shows a lot of compassion that he always had for the game. He has been consistent in the game of poker. There were times he did not win but, he never gave up. He forged ahead to get the best.