Poker After Dark Season 4 Episode 02 Cash Game #1 Pt01

October 29th, 2014 — 11:17pm

Allen Cunningham Online video Ranking: 5 / 5

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Alex Bilokur

October 17th, 2014 — 11:13am

Alex Bilokur was born in Russia. Alex Bilokuris professional poker player. Currently Alex Bilokur is ranked as 12th place in the Global poker Index. His total of winning cash prizes is $3,398,893. Alex Bilokur reached to 2nd place in Russian Poker Series in 2010 and earned a cash prize of $15,900 in that event. Alex Bilokur earned 3rd place in the Caribbean Adventure tournament and won a cash prize of $12,500. Alex Bilokur earned a 36th place in EPT €5,000 Hold’em event and got a cash prize of $29,150 in that event. Alex Bilokur reached to 2nd place in EPT 8 Max Bounty tournament and earned a cash prize of $38,738. Alex Bilokur won High Roller online poker tournament in 2012 and earned a cash prize of $1,134,930 in that event. He finished in 10th place of 8 Max High Roller tournaments and won a cash prize of $96,643. Alex Bilokur reached to 2nd place in the EPT High Roller event in 2012 and earned a cash prize of $363,007 in that event. Alex Bilokur won €2000 8 handed Turbo events in 2012 and earned a cash prize of $94,372.

He earned 11th place in €25,000 Hold’em event of 2013 and won a cash prize of $101,491 in that event. Alex Bilokur cashed 12 times in various poker tournaments of 2012. Alex Bilokur won Turbo six Max tournament in 2013 and earned a cash prize of $202,720 in that event. Alex Bilokur earned a 74th place in the EPT Main event of 2013 and won a cash prize of $22,800 in that event. He earned 126th place in the WSOP World Championship tournament and got a cash prize of $50,752. He finished in 4th place of EPT Barcelona Hold’em event and earned a cash prize of $67,754 in that event. Alex Bilokur won Caribbean Adventure Hold’em event in 2014 and earned a cash prize of $202,720 in that event. He reached to 3rd place in the Single Re-entry event of 2014 and earned a cash prize of $165,173 in that event.

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Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game s04e04 Pt07

October 1st, 2014 — 4:47pm

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Dan Harrington-Poker to have won 2 WSOP

September 10th, 2014 — 1:11pm

Do you think you can pass your moments of time a day completely held up with works alone? Is that possible to a normal individual? How possible it is? There can be number of choices to play any pick from a gaming option, yet the perfect pick is what you need to make it for your move to go rightly. Such a game can be the option of picking Poker as this game is a stunning option to be played only by a professional who is sound in the handling of the game. Do you get that? Poker is what a professional can play successfully for sure.

The professional poker in the game poker is Dan Harrington, he is well known for his win in 1995 WSOP championship.  He won the WPT title and Harrington earned in tournament cashes around 6 million dollars.  In the year 1986, he first cashed at WSOP.  In the following year, he made the last table he cashed for the second time at Main Event.  He is well known as the crafty and aggressive player, he uses to start hand standards, which are stricter than other professionals are.

Action Dan:

In 1995, Harrington won the bracelet at a main event.  He also won Seven-card stud event in the Poker Open at London, kind of European event.  In the year 2005, Harrington made his last table in WPT and Dan won Legends of Poker in 2007.  His way of playing makes him to take part in many final tables in large events.  Harrington has made main event last tables for three times finished sixth, third and fourth.  He was born in the year 1945 in Cambridge at Massachusetts.  Action Dan is the nickname of him and he chose the name.

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Full Tilt Poker – Million Dollar Cash Game s04e04 pt05

September 3rd, 2014 — 10:56am

Allen Cunningham Online video Ranking: 5 / 5

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A Rising Superstar with a Global Bent

August 6th, 2014 — 9:20pm

When poker enthusiasts plunge into the casino arena, most are enthralled with the idea of tremendous performance, championships and global-bracelets. However, a great number are either toppled out during the fledgling stages of the tournaments that force them to bounce back into oblivion. Midst the tough games, some players wittingly confound the insuperable poker ladder and maintain vibrancy to be among the ubiquitously famed players in the casino industry. Featuring on poker television shows, winning the World Poker Tour championships and the World Series of Poker bracelets distinguishes excellent players who are rated uniquely for their winnings on these poker tournaments. One such player who dovetails this peculiarity is Antonio Esfandiari.

In 2004, Esfandiari unleashed his vibrant and latent talent by winning the World Poker Tour championship. Subsequently, he won the World Series of Poker coveted bracelet a couple of months later in the Texas Hold ‘em pot limit tournament. The formidable winning continued constantly, sailing through to the final platform for the 2008 EPT event that took place in Monte Carlo where he finished in the eighth position, taking home $266,004.Nevertheless, 2009 heralded rather pessimistically as he could only manage a 24th place in the World Series of Poker major tournament. Thankfully, 2010 brought goodies for him as he won the (WPT) World Poker first prize alongside a colossal sum of $870,000. The enormous buy-in of $1,000,000 that he won on July 2012 during a live tournament for WSOPs enlivened his aptitude and promising poker career.

On the same year, he condescendingly beat 47 players to earn hitherto, the heftiest cash prize in history. As if this brilliance wasn’t enough, Esfandiari triumphed to win his tripartite bracelet during the 2010 €1,100 NLHE WSOP Main Event, tumbling Remi Bollengier for €126,207. In 2013, he was still flowering, finishing fourth during the World Series of Poker event where he again attained $1,433,438. 2014 has been sanguine as he has won whopping sums of cash. In poker parlance, this player is ingenious and plays with peculiar dexterity as he was ranked fourteenth by the Global Poker Index on June 2014.

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Poker After Dark Season 5 Episode 35 International III Pt 1

August 6th, 2014 — 4:56am

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Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game s04e01 Pt03

July 8th, 2014 — 10:59pm

Allen Cunningham Movie Score: five / 5

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Poker: The earn + get famous recipe

July 3rd, 2014 — 9:37am

Gambling has always been a source of entertainment as well as a source of money making as well. People have always been attracted to gamble since this form of entertainment offers a promise of earning quick money as well. To top things, gambling has also become legal in some countries. But the reality is there is perhaps no other game which makes your adrenaline pump up more than gambling and particularly Poker. Poker is a form of gambling and is also a card game and both these forms of gaming and entertaining (cards and gambling) has become an explosive package of entertainment.

Nowadays many people can even play poker without involving money in between. So it is as if you’re gambling without any money. Well that wouldn’t be true, you would be gambling with your fake money to be more precise. Some online casinos also offer this option. This becomes particularly helpful when you are new to this game and are a learner or you want to enjoy the entertainment provided by poker without involving the risk factor of money.

Also if you think you have it in you to succeed in the world of Poker and want to be famous, then the World Series of Poker or the WSOP is the tournament you should take part in. In such tournaments, one can equally have a chance of earning money as well as making a name in the world series of poker and being remembered in the world as one of the greatest poker players in the world (officially). To give an idea of how much can one possibly earn by this game, one person named Phil Hellmuth Junior won $750,000 in his game. Now you have an idea. That is why more and more people are now turning their face to poker.

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Allen Cunningham-Poker professional holding 5 number of WSOP bracelets

June 11th, 2014 — 2:33pm

When you think of playing the games, none can forget the game of Poker. Poker is a game which every individual wishes to play so, whereby the professional handles the game in a tricky manner. The game’s rules are knowable to the professionals who handle the game efficiently and also magnificently. Professional players have their own way of style, whereby Allen Cunningham is one such notable player for his winning of 5 bracelets.

As the Clever Piggy:

The player, Allen Cunningham was born on March 28th 1977. Allen Cunningham is an American poker professional familiar for his holding of around 5 bracelets in participating World Series of Poker. Allen Cunningham did study Civil Engineering at UCLA, after which the player turned out dropping, whereby he started playing Poker game. By the age of 18, Allen Cunningham played in various Indian casinos. Allen Cunningham became the very full member of Team Full Tilt, by the year 2006. Allen Cunningham was given the title ESPN/Toyota Player of the year by 2005.

The player yielded the votes for himself to have been grouped under the group of Best All Round Player under the age of 35. It was by the year 2006 WSOP, whereby the player finished in the 4th place yielding the biggest cash, in the single largest tournament. He was given the nickname as the Clever Piggy. Allen Cunningham has also joined the group of players to have won the bracelets in the consecutive years after which the player happened to win his fifth most bracelets by the year 2007. The rest of the players who have won the same title would include only 5 more excluding Allen Cunningham. Allen Cunningham has won his bracelets in the following years, 2001, 02, 05, 06 and in 07.

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